Hey Fellows!

I'm Hamza

A Businessman and
an Entrepreneur,

Founder and CEO of a digital agency, a real estate agency, a social commerce platform, and a US-based BPO, also the owner of 6 Ecommerce Brands in different niches.

Having +4 years of experience of being a businessman, I have learned the art of delegating tasks and authority.

A Generalist who trusts his own instincts and thrives on taking risks with an Entrepreneurial mind.

Things I have
Accomplished so far...

Built 6 e-Commerce brands

Among them, 2 are already 8 figures, and the other brands are also on the road to success because of the right strategies that I have used.

Built Social commerce platform — Gharhatti

I built a platform with the help of skilled developers that enables you to start your own e-commerce store without investment.

White Label Digital Agency

After the success of Potato Logics, I started a white label agency specifically for US-based marketing agencies , to assist them by white labelling our services.

Founded Digital Agency — Potato Logics

As a Chief Potato, from day one, I made sure that my team exceeds the expectations of our clients. That’s how I’ve been dominating the competition for 4 years now.

Founded Real Estate agency — Propertunity

At the propertunity, I believe in providing transparent services and only work with legally approved projects with no ambiguities.

Founded US-based BPO — Berry BPO

It’s a dynamic, rapidly developing BPO firm helping Limo companies in the USA reach their next peaks effortlessly. My goal is to become the world’s leading provider of BPO services.

My to Secret managing all my businesses efficiently

As an Owner of multiple businesses, it's essential to have systems and operation proceduresin place.

Here’s a List of
Everything I’ll Do by


Initial public offering (IPO) of one of my businesses.

Software House

Pakistan-based software house focused on building impactful products.

Top Exporter

Becoming one of the top exporters in Pakistan.

Worldwide e-Commerce brands

E-commerce brands in first-world countries that employ manufacturing support in Pakistan.

Real Estate

Being a real estate developer, financing, building, and marketing real estate development projects is also part of my future goals.

Fries Business

Building a fries business as a franchise with 50 different flavors is also part of my future plans.

If there’s one thing that separates one man from another, it is value. Acknowledging and living by his core values can make him accomplish great things.

So like any person with a Growth mindset, I have my own values, and I live by them.

My Core Values

Brands I have worked
with so far…


8, Block F-1, Abu Bakar Chowk, Wapda Town, Lahore.

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